Skincare Tips


Skin health tips in your 50s

Wear sunscreen and protect yourself from UV radiation. Use a rich moisturizer on your face and neck. Reduce the temperature of your bath or shower. Prevent dehydration.
Eating fruits and vegetables that is high in antioxidant. Eat healthy fats. Eat plenty of unsaturated fats such as salmon, tuna, avocados and almonds to help lubricate your skin.
Eat enough protein to help your body to build collagen.
Skin turnover slows dramatically in your 50s and your circulation starts to slow, bringing less oxygen and nutrients to your skin making it even more tired and dull. Collagen levels continue to decline, you now only have 50%-60% of collagen comparing to your 20’s. Skin starts to sag, and folds start to form in your face. In addition, new issues such as age spots, adult acne and keratosis start to develop, making matter worse. We at Nuvida understand these issues and we have comprehensive solutions to restore your skin health, making your skin smooth, radiant, bright, and tight by stimulating your body’s natural ability to produce more collagen.